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Meaghers O’Connell Bridge is a traditional Irish pub situated in the middle of Dublin city centre, overlooking the famous O’Connell Bridge. Having been totally renovated in 2022, the bar has been restored to its former glory, with more plans coming for 2023. The address, 3 Eden Quay, is of great historical significance to Dublin city centre.

Take a look at the history of this building…


Plans are put in place to construct what is now known as Eden Quay. Along this stretch of the River Liffey there was a series of iron works and glasshouses and the area was earmarked for redevelopment to reflect a “new Dublin”.


Construction finishes and the address 3 Eden Quay is born. The new quay consisted of a terrace of red brick residential building, over a stone shopping colonnade. This style of architecture was typical of the Wide Streets Commission at the time.


Eden Quay is a thriving part of Dublin city centre and the tenants along this stretch of the Liffey include private residences, hotels, retail and even Turkish baths.


3 Eden Quay is totally destroyed during the fighting in Dublin’s 1916 Easter Rising. The British Army deployed the war ship “Helga” which sailed up the Liffey to shell the Four Courts and the GPO. The building was destroyed in the crossfire and all that remained was a burned-out shell.


3 Eden Quay is rebuilt, along with most of Dublin city centre and the building that stands here today was constructed during that period, designed by Thomas Joseph Cullen.

1930s - 2010s

As Dublin changed and developed throughout the 20th and into the 21st century, 3 Eden Quay remained as a popular watering hole (even featuring in the famous novel  Ulysses by James Joyce!) for locals and passers by alike. The name of the pub and ownership changed hands many times.


The building was renovated and the pub has been restored to its former glory – now Meaghers O’Connell Bridge.