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Meagher’s of O’Connell Bridge, established in 1827, is a historic pub located at 3 Eden Quay, Dublin. The pub has witnessed significant historical events, from its early development linked to Eden Quay’s commercial boom, through the Easter Rising’s devastation, to becoming a social landmark. Over nearly two centuries, it has hosted notable figures, featured in James Joyce’s “Ulysses”, and evolved through various ownerships. Today, under the Meagher family, it retains its traditional charm while serving as a vibrant part of Dublin’s heritage.

Take a look at some of the highlights through this buildings history below…


1827: Establishment by James Bracken

James Bracken opened a tavern at 3 Eden Quay, leveraging the bustling commerce and strategic location. Despite resistance from authorities, his tavern quickly became a popular social hub, offering food and drink to locals and visitors.

1874: Ownership Transfer to Mark Crowley

After James Bracken’s death in 1872, his widow briefly managed the tavern before passing it to Mark Crowley in 1874. Crowley’s tenure was short, selling the business to Patrick Doyle in 1878, marking a new era of growth.


1891: Gerald Mooney’s Acquisition and Renovation

Gerald Mooney, son of the founder of Mooney’s pub empire, acquired the pub and initiated a lavish Victorian refurbishment, significantly increasing its business and reputation. It became a prominent venue frequented by diverse patrons, including James Joyce.

1916: Easter Rising Destruction

Mooney’s of Eden Quay was heavily damaged during the Easter Rising, as British forces shelled the area. The pub and surrounding buildings were engulfed in flames, leading to significant reconstruction efforts post-uprising.

1922: Michael Neville’s Murder During Civil War

In the turmoil of the Irish Civil War, Michael Neville, a barman at Mooney’s and an Anti-Treaty IRA member, was abducted and murdered. This incident highlighted the intense conflicts and dangers of the period.


1921-1940s: Boom Years with Cinema Patronage

The opening of the Corinthian Picture House in 1921 and the Astor Cinema in 1953 next to Mooney’s brought unprecedented business. The pub’s turnover soared, making it one of Dublin’s most prosperous pubs.

2022 - TO DATE...

Later Years and the Arrival of Meagher’s of O’Connell Bridge Nowadays, this old shrine of antiquity is in the capable hands of the Meagher family, who have both tastefully rebranded and refurbished the premises in the traditional idiom, very much in keeping with the former heritage of this pub.